Hashomer Hatzair UK is a Jewish education-focused charity devoted to promoting peace, reconciliation, as well as coexistence and bridging of cultures, religions and languages. By collaborating with a range of local, national and international organizations to put on engaging events, and by providing grants for students, HaShomer HaTzair encourages, emphasizes and facilitates youth and community engagement in issues of social justice, and peace building.

Hashomer Hatzair UK focuses on using innovative advocacy, public education and youth engagement campaigns to catalyze social change for a more just society characterized by inspired, respectful, and understanding communities.

Founded in 1971, Hashomer Hatzair UK upkeeps a link with the Israeli youth movement of Hasomer Hatzair as well as with other Hashomer Hatzair movements around the world.

Vision & Mission


  • Strong, connected communities engaged in the celebration of Jewish values, history and culture
  • Religious, cultural, social and racial harmony in the communities where Hashomer Hatzair works and worldwide.


  • Facilitating access to education for young people through grants and funding opportunities.
  • Strengthening communities, and providing opportunities for cultural and educational events by providing venues and financial support.
  • Informing the wider public through innovative advocacy and information campaigns.
You don’t make peace with friends. You make it with very unsavory enemies.
Yitzhak Rabin


John Strawson

John Strawson in the Chair of Hashomer Hatzair UK. He has been a trustee since 1999 and has had a long-term interest in and commitment to the peace and reconciliation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He is the chair of the scholarship committee of Hashomer Haztair UK. He has an academic background and is Reader Emeritus in Law and Middle East Studies at the University of East London where he is chair of the international advisory committee of the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict. He was a visiting professor at the Institute of law at Birzeit University in Palestine (1996-2006), visiting Professor of Law at the International Islamic University Malaysia (2007) and was the coordinator of a University of East London’s LLB Program in Haifa (1999-2001). He writes on international law, colonial legal history and Islamic law. His publications include: Partitioning Palestine: Legal Fundamentalism in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict (Pluto Press, 2010) and as editor Law after Ground Zero (GlassHouse/Routledge 2002).

Micha Drori

Micha Drori, 56, is a Lawyer, currently serving as the legal advisor for the Kibbtuz Movement in Israel. Born and raised in Kibbutz Hshomer Hatzair Gaash, he lives in the kibbutz with his wife, Vered, his daughter Adi and son Ophir. Micha has a Law degree and a Masters degree in Public Management from Tel-Aviv University, and is currently pursuing his PhD in the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa. Micha served in the late 1990’s as an emissary for Hashomer Hatzair and the Jewish Agency in the USA, and is involved with the activities of Hashomer UK for more than a decade

Yehuda Erdman

Yehuda was born in Jerusalem on May 14th 1948 in the Bikur Cholim Hospital opposite the apartment where his parents lived. His late father was a dental surgeon who served in the Haganah and subsequently Zahal but had taught himself Arabic co he could treat the Arabs in the Jerusalem area. Mother and father spoke five languages each but they weren’t necessarily the same ones! When Yehuda was eight his parents decided to leave Israel and emigrate to London, they were originally olim from Nazi Germany. The family settled in Wembley where Yehuda still lives with his own family today, Margaret and four sons. He was educated at Kilburn Grammar School, where he played Rugby for the first fifteen and excelled in GCEs. However, his good friend at school introduced Yehuda to Habonim and for the next few years in the 60s, this became paramount in his life. Against his parents wishes, Yehuda left school after “O” levels and spent a total of three years at the David Eder Hachshara in Sussex and joined a garin of Habonim to Kibbutz Amiad in Upper Galilee. For a number of reasons, Yehuda did not succeed in settling on the Kibbutz and returned to London. For the next years he studied in evening classes and became a microbiologist specializing in infection and public health. Yehuda ended his career at the central laboratories in Colindale having worked in several branches of microbiology over approximately 30 years, including Hospital acquired infections, sexually transmitted infections and gastrointestinal infections. He also taught at the University of Westminster as a visiting lecturer. After returning from Isreal Yehuda joined Young Mapam at Hashomer House, and later Mapam UK and Meretz UK. The late Gertrude Falk persuaded Yehuda to join the Mazkirut under the leadership of Pauline Leavis. About five years ago, Yehuda took over from Pauline as Chair of Meretz UK. Since John Strawson became Chair of the Trustees of Hashomer House, Yehuda has joined the Board.

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Forces of Tomorrow

Youth culture and identity in the British Hashomer Hatzair movement

Essay by Jim Gledhill, University of St Andrews

Published in Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, 25 April 2015

Special thanks to Ivor Tzvi Stilitz for bringing this excellent essay to our attention

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