Hashomer HaTzair UK has a number of grants available for UK based youth. The grants aim to support engagement in issues of social justice, enrich education, promote community building, and expand horizons.

Hashomer Hatzair Centenary Award

Awards of up to £5000 are made to provide financial help in meeting the fees for the Givat Haviva Arabic Semester. Normally two awards are made annually. HERE Applicants should explain their academic or work background and their reason for wanting to undertake the course and how they think it will contribute to their future activities in furthering peace, reconciliation or community relations.

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    Full name
    “Normal Relations between Arabs and Jews will and must prevail”
    Ber Borochov

    Special Projects Grant

    Hashomer HaTzair UK encourages UK youth to undertake their own  innovative community engagement projects to celebrate Jewish culture as well as promote peace and co-existence. Grants of up to $3000 are available for special projects and programmes developed and implemented by UK youth.

    To apply for the special projects grant, please fill out the following fields:

      Full name
      Please write a short description of the project including the planned activities, aims, as well as the predicted outcomes. (Up to 500 words)

      Recent Grant Holders

      Lawrence Toye

      My name is Lawrence Toye. I am 19 and live in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, with my parents and dog,
      After completing A-levels in Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry, I went to Imperial
      College London to study Physics. However, I found the subject to be significantly different to that I
      had studied in sixth form.
      Despite enjoying living in London, and making some great friends, I felt that it was important to
      study something I was truly passionate about; for me this was not Physics. In March 2014, I decided
      to leave and spend the rest of that academic year, and the following year, out of education, to take
      my time to decide what I really wanted to study.
      Having reviewed my options, I intend to return to
      university to study politics and economics, along with Arabic, in the 2015-2016 academic year.
      Having enjoyed studying Arabic in my spare time, I have been encouraged to study Arabic at a higher
      level in an Arabic speaking country during my gap year.
      Since leaving, I have started a full time job in a lettings agency, while also holding a weekend job in a
      betting shop. I like the contrast between the two jobs, which makes it easier to often work 7 days a
      It has given me a wide range of skills and I meet a variety of people – many of them
      “characters”! It’s also nice to finally earn some money after all the years of being in school.
      I played both Rugby and Cricket up until recently, and through my Welsh parents, am a keen
      supporter of the Welsh national Rugby and Football teams. This provides a mixture of jubilant and
      (more often) disappointing experiences. I also enjoy travelling and having the chance to experience
      other cultures.


      Positive Report on the Givat Haviva Intensive Arabic Semester

      Anna J Lamport was another of the students on Givat Haviva’s Intensive Arabic Semester this year. She received a grant towards the programme from Hashomer Hatzair UK Centenary Award.

      Read her report

      …on what was clearly a most rewarding time! All pictures are hers…

      Congratulations Anna and thank ypeople on courseou for sharing your experiences with us, and with potential future course participants.